What Can Freelancer Artistry Offer Your Business?

SEO content creation, brand identity, and website design can be generally hard, especially if you don’t know any blogging tips or tricks to get you started. Content marketing has become an art form from social media marketing to graphic design, you need professionals to help your business thrive!

To sum it up, whether or not you’re in the market for an SEO content creator or graphic designer, you’re going to need some tutorials and other helpful content to help you reach your blogging for business goals. 

Even if you’re not looking to outsource just yet or you haven’t given this freelancer concept much thought, you still need to understand the basics. 

Briefly, some of those blogging basics include:

  • Content Creation
  • SEO and Web Design
  • Graphic and Infographic Design
  • And, so much more!

Although it’s okay if you don’t know why you should hire a freelancer at all, you should still try and understand why you should follow basic digital marketing and other SEO best practices. 


But, I’m getting way ahead of myself here! I’m Rebecca, I write for blogs, and I’m the creator and owner of Freelancer Artistry.

Additionally, as a freelancer, I have been creating business-related content for almost a decade and love every minute of helping small businesses thrive in an ever-evolving world.

I got my first foot in the door of marketing in 2016 when I began freelancing as a telemarketer and customer service representative where I learned a ton about people in general.

Over time, my journey has evolved into digital marketing and content creation although I have dabbled in illustrations and animation both 2D and 3D. I love to stay busy and I’m always searching for my next project.

My goal here is to teach and guide people toward their blogging business goals. I like gaining new clients, sure, but I also love to help and I couldn’t think of a better way to help the little guy than to expose some of the marketing secrets that I’ve picked up along the way.

For example, are you an indie author trying to learn how to market? Need some promotional tips? I got you!


Important Freelancer Artistry Information

Freelancer Artistry is different than digital design companies or SEO agencies. Freelancing is a project targeted, which means if you have a project you need to be completed quickly, affordably, and effectively; you hire someone like me!

Therefore, freelancers are more cost-effective and specialized. Freelancers work independently and directly with clients. Agencies work as a team to complete your project as a whole, freelancers focus solely on pinpointed projects.

As a result, Freelancers are paid via project or milestone which is cheaper than hiring an additional employee or an agency.

Ultimately, I have worn many hats in the marketing industry which includes writing SEO articles, graphic designing, and SEO editing (Optimization Editor).

Additionally, from experience and not just statistically, I can tell you two major reasons small businesses outsource:

  • Cost reduction
  • Specific skill sets

Furthermore, I have worked and continue to work alongside countless professionals writing and designing SEO-friendly content.

Finally, I know that I can make a positive impact on your business-related content.


As an independent contractor and Freelance Blogger, I can provide the following services:

  • SEO Blog, Article Writing, Blogging as a Business (business blogs: WordPress, Blogger Blogs, Wix, etc…)
  • Fiction/Non-Fiction, Ghostwriting (short stories, e-commerce ebooks, etc..)
  • SEO Optimization Editing for Website Content (SEO Editor)
  •  Youtube Entertainment Script Writing
  •  Lead Generation/Telesales and Telemarketing Consulting 
  •  Appointment Setting & Customer Service
  •  Voice Overs
  •  Graphic Design 2D & 3D (Please Include a Freelance Graphic Designer Job Description for graphic designer pricing)
  •  Illustration 2D & 3D
  •  Animations 2D & 3D
  •  3D FBX Game Ready Models & Textures

Blogging Tips and Tricks to Get You Started:

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