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Creating your unique artwork illustration style is no easy feat. It takes a lot of time, effort, and dedication to form an individual and recognizable style.

Before getting discouraged, understand that creating a style that is 100% your own isn’t going to happen overnight; however, you can quicken the process by using the tips I’m about to show you. 

As an SEO Content Creator, I have designed many graphics including artwork illustrations.

Additionally, as a professional creative, I have a couple suggestions to help you get started.

Not only can you use these tips to help you create your own art style, but you can also use some of my SEO writing guides to help you boost your traffic on your art blog.

With that said: here are six awesome ways to help you create your art style:

  1. View as Much Art as Possible
  2. Look at Pop Culture
  3. Doodle as Much as Possible
  4. Redraw Everything and Change One Part Each Time 
  5. Experiment with Different Mediums and Tools
  6. Try Digital Tools such as Procreate, Adobe Photoshop, or Krita
  7. Understand it Takes Time

Your own style of art is the way you shade or the simple stroke of the pen that only your hand can create. These styles are categorized in specific genres such as anime, steam-punk, or even pop art.

Freelancer Artistry has an emotional, surrealism, and semi-realistic art style.

Here are a few of my creations:

a large rock with rain falling down, a cave is underneath it, its glowing orange
a cartoon illustration of a woman with a black beanie near a rusty car and its raining
illustration of a woman in a bookstore holding coffee
an illustration of a woman dressed in 50's style blowing a bubble gum
an illustration of a man next to a station wagon bus while its raining in the woods at night
illustration of a woman in black in the rain freelancer artistry

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