How to Check Keyword Traffic on Google

How to Check Keyword Traffic on Google freelancer artistry
(Last Updated On: February 18, 2023)

Key Points:

  • A keyword traffic analysis can help you to find content topics and ideas that your audience will find useful or informative.
  • Use Google Analytics, Google Search Console, People Also Ask, and Wordstream to find keyword ideas.
  • Google keyword planner is great, it’s mostly focused on B2B marketers and SEO experts.

Analyzing and understanding how to check keyword traffic on Google is vital to keeping track of your progress as a business blog. By digging into your keyword traffic, you can refine your SEO efforts. Additionally, you can then begin to target high-quality traffic in not only your organic searches but paid search campaigns as well.

In fact, 68% of online experiences begin with a search engine and Google makes for 93.87% of the mobile search engine market alone. That statistic is staggering and begs consideration when designing your content marketing keyword strategies.

With that said, let’s dig into how to check your keyword traffic on Google:

What is Keyword Traffic and Why is it Important?

A keyword traffic analysis can help you to find content topics and ideas that your audience will find useful or informative. Basically, it helps you to understand what your audience is looking for when they search and land on your website. It would be best to prioritize your content publishing efforts to target the most valuable keywords.

Not only will this strategy boost your traffic, but it will also help you to connect with your audience more. Doing so can give you some insight into each stage of your buyer’s journey.

Keyword traffic is the most helpful when targeting valuable, high commercial, intent-driven keywords.

To view your website’s keywords in Google Search Console you need to set up your domain. After that accomplishment, you can find your Google search information here:

google search console freelancerartistry
google search console

Here you will see your performance in search results. This is where you can find keyword ideas for future content that will help you target your audience better.

For example, Freelancer Artistry was ranked for “Conversational keyword research“. At the time I saw this keyword, I did not have a piece of content that covered this topic.

So, I wrote a piece on conversational keywords. It was that easy.

google search console queries freelancer artistry
google search console queries

It is important to track this type of data because to be able to keep and hold an audience, you need to understand what your target audience is actively looking for. Otherwise, you will end up with a 100% bounce rate, which is bad, m’kay.


Wordstream’s keyword tool

The functionality offered by Google search console (formally webmaster tools), allows you to easily find keywords that are already driving traffic to your website. This makes it a great starting point in your keyword traffic analysis.

Using resources such as Wordstream’s Keyword Tool (a free SEO tool) to help you with your keyword research:

wordstream keyword research tool freelancer artistry
word stream keyword research tool

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Keyword suggestions are a great way to find additional content options that are relevant to your domain and already published content. All you need to do is enter your domain, your niche, and your area, and boom. There you will see a ton of keywords that are related to your blog.

Tools like Wordstream are a good alternative to Google Search Console. It’s also one of the best tools to conduct keyword analysis on terms that you may not even know you need to be creating content for.

There are many tools out there as Wordstream alternatives, that’s why it’s best to do some research before settling on one tool.

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Google keyword planner

Google keyword planner is a great keyword research tool. However, please be aware that to use it, you need a Google Ads account before you can use the free tool.


You can use this free Google tool to help you discover new keywords that are related to your business, blog, niche, etc. Keyword Planner is mostly centered around in-depth keyword research. It’s not super beginner friendly, but it’s something you should consider in the back of your mind if you plan on continuing your SEO journey.

google keyword planner freelancer artistry
google keyword planner

Here are a few benefits of using Google keyword planner:

  • Accurate information: Google can be trusted.
  • Helps you discover new and unused keywords: find great suggestions here.
  • Help you to understand ad costs: use if you plan on spending money on ads.
  • Lets you organize your keywords: this helps you to understand how different keywords fit into different categories in PPC.
  • Campaigns: you can create new campaigns and edit existing campaigns.

Although Google’s keyword planner is great, it’s mostly focused on B2B marketers and SEO experts. If you feel that eventually, you will use this advanced tool, it’s good to start learning it now.

How to Use “People Also Ask” on Google?

“People also ask” is a Google snippet feature that you can find when entering search queries that will give you extra information that is relevant to your search.

“People also ask” began appearing under search results in 2018. Before then, if you searched for something, you would get more direct results rather than additional questions you may be wondering about your search.

Using this simple addition to search can give you a huge variety of questions that your audience is also curious about. By searching for your target keyword, you can come up with headers and sub-headers to include in your content.

Not only will this help you rank higher, but you will also become a resource for your audience to always come back to because they know you will answer their questions and then some.

The “People also ask” section may look similar to this:

google people also ask freelancer artistry
Google’s “people also ask”

For the above example, the primary keyword is “How to Use “‘People Also Ask’ on Google?” however the content you should be answering isn’t just your target keyword, it’s the “people also ask” questions as well.

It would also be good to understand that 91.8% of queries entered on search engines are long-tail keywords. However, long-tails are responsible for a small percentage of total search volume according to Backlinko.

With that said, long-tail keywords are considered conversational or question keywords that aren’t often searched for, but when they are, they are targeted and bring in the right audience.

That’s About It!

Keyword research is sort of confusing at first, so if you don’t want to do it yourself, contact me today! I got you!

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